March 8, 2007

This blog was originally designed as a review of media in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming -- with occasional observations about other broadcast and print media. But after some consideration, I decided to include a wider range of topics and events that I find of interest.

I'll occasionally opine on what I view as good (and not so good) about newspaper, radio, television in this region. It's my intent to find GOOD things to say, since it's a common perception that much of the media in this country continue to swirl downward in a never-ending quest to amass ever-larger audiences at any price. Nearly all media play the game, but a few stalwart entities do yeoman work in holding on to good journalistic values. When they shine, they should get a pat on the back. We'll skewer them when appropriate -- and when their work is on our radar screen.

I believe "good journalistic values" includes striving for objectivity and fairness in all reporting. And I also believe there's intrinsic positive value in local ownership of media outlets.

In any event, I hope to have some fun applauding media who do it right -- and chiding those who seem to have less regard for good journalism...and thus the public to whom they're reporting. Of course, there'll also be comments about photography, bicycling, amateur radio, genealogy, and other topics that occupy my time and interest.

Comments are welcome.


Roger said...

Terrific idea. I think the best news in the Black Hills is probaby National Public Radio. Some of us are lucky enough to not only get SDPR, but also Wyoming Public Radio. The newspapers are not the best, but better than nothing. At least the Rapid City Journal went back to national columnists. The local idea was a bad one.

Media Guy said...

Thanks Roger. I like good local/regional news coverage, but the RC Journal's idea of ramming it down our throats on the front page -- however irrelevant -- is a bad idea (see my blog on the Dahl Arts Center fiasco). The return of national columnists is a welcome retreat for the Journal. Many thanks to you and others who took them to task for their err.