April 4, 2007

Sex Sells -- Even fro the Journal

(Friday, March 9, 2007) -- Above the front-page fold, in headline type that dwarfs the "Dems propose Iraq withdrawal date" headline stuck back on page 3, the Rapid City Journal knows opportunity when it sees it.

Scott Aust's story about two French artists who "shocked the crowd and even the promoter at the Dahl Arts Center on Wednesday" with nudity and simulated violence and sex acts was given top position with an above the fold headline: "Nude show shocks Dahl." Replete with three not-so-revealing photographs, the story seems justifiable -- but not as the front-page lead.

Aust's description of events at the Dahl Arts Center -- we don't know how many folks witnessed the performance -- makes clear that the two performers stepped way over the line of what most Dakotans would consider acceptable "art."One photo cutline noted that the French duo "took off their clothes, simulated sex acts and toosed fake feces and urine at a show that was halted...."

While promoter Kevin Dorsman was reportedly apologetic and said he was blindsided, he defended performer Jean-Louis. "Great guy. Very intense, very dedicated to his art form. However, I don't think Rapid City is quite ready for it."Oh? And just when WILL Rapid City "be ready for it."? This story, unfortunately, was too easy a target. It should've been done -- but better placed in the local section.

Ah, well. As we said, "sex sells."

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