June 27, 2007

If She's Missin'...She's Fishin!

Juni Fisher concedes that she's always adored Roy Rogers. And I reckon if Roy had come along a generation later and had never met Dale Evans, he'd have been smitten by Juni Fisher. She's pretty. She writes great music. And she has a voice to die for.

A packed house at the High Plains Western Heritage Center near Spearfish, South Dakota gave Juni a warm "welcome back" last night (June 27, 2007). For those of us in the audience, it was very easy to see why Juni Fisher was selected 2006 Western Music Association Female Vocalist of the Year. She's a terrific performer.

Her warm and charming vocal styling is surpassed only by an uncanny ability to mesmerize her audience with great stories. From Calamity Jane to Chinaman Jack, Juni Fisher brings to life a wide range of western characters using a rare blend of good yarns set to her own original music. She is a master lyricist and a great storyteller.

Although she grew up in the central San Joaquin Valley of California, Juni now hangs her hat in Tennessee. That is, when she's not on the road. In the past six months, she's performed at some 33 locations across the west. She's had little time to enjoy her Louis L'Amour books. But she does try to take along her fly rod and get a little stream time. Fishing has been a passion since she was seven years old, and she readily confesses that "if she's missin'......she's probably fishin'." Keep an eye on Spearfish Creek the next couple of days, you just might see her.

Juni and her husband (sorry, Roy, she's already spoken for) make their home at Franklin, Tennessee -- just outside Nashville, and she plays Bluegrass and old time music for the sheer fun of it! If you want to know more about this talented country gal, check out her web site or give a listen to the Wednesday (June 27, 2007) edition of the "Live With Jim Thompson" radio program on the web.

My old friend Terry Lickona at Austin City Limits should book this talented lady. I believe Ranger Doug of Riders in the Sky said it best. "Though she is one of Nashville's great undiscovered secrets, she won't be for long."

And Ranger Doug wouldn't lie. It's not the cowboy way.

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