July 17, 2007

A Class Reunion is....FUN?

I could hardly believe it. It wasn’t even MY class reunion. It was Karen’s. After leaving blessed Chadron High School in 1962, her classmates gathered last weekend (July 13-14) in Chadron, Nebraska for a reunion. They came from far-away places like Clackamas, San Diego and Fountain Hills. But mostly, they came from Chadron and the surrounding area.

“What’s your brother doing these days?”

“Are you still teaching?”

“Sorry to hear about your dad.”

“Yup, we’ve moved…..again!”

“Guess you didn’t hear about Gerald?”

“Norm and Sally plan to retire next year.”

The names and circumstances are always a bit different, but the conversations are almost contagious and the fellowship is heartwarming!

I long ago gave up wondering why some folks don’t enjoy class reunions. Lots of people – especially locals – choose to not attend them. I guess it’s a character defect that I have, but I thoroughly enjoy them. Always have – always will.

And it’s not just to reminisce about pranks of the past or revive memories of youthful friendship. It’s also an opportunity to pay tribute to those who’re no longer with us. The CHS Class of ’62 has lost six of their members. Nancy. LaDonna. Neil. Bonnie. Rex. Karen.

Reunions are also a time to finally get to know those other classmates that we never really knew very well. What a treat that is!

I rather enjoy catching up with school chums -- learning where they live now -- although few of them have endured the number of “Adventures in Moving” that Karen and I have survived. I’m still looking for a cuckoo clock that must have fallen off the U-Haul truck somewhere between Ames, Iowa and Stillwater, Oklahoma 35 years ago!

We’ve even lost a few pictures along the way. So….I’m more careful these days. To help ensure that photos from the Class of ’62 reunion are preserved for posterity (and anyone else who cares!) I’ve posted a few of them at:


I wonder whatever happened to Rich….and Joyce……and Shelly…..and Eric….and…

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