March 21, 2008

Taking on the media big guys...again!

It’s lost in the fray of presidential politicking, but there’s another less visible struggle taking place in Washington, D.C. – but it has far-reaching consequences.

Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota has introduced
Senate Joint Resolution 28, “disapproving the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission with respect to broadcast media ownership.”

You may recall the de-regulatory chicanery foisted upon the commission in December by the media giants, who want dearly to super-size themselves even more with new rules promulgated by the FCC. Chairman Kevin Martin unwittingly led the charge on behalf of the media big boys, approving rules that relax media ownership restrictions and allow cross-ownership of newspapers and television stations. Thanks to Dorgan, there is a bi-partisan push in the 110th Congress to once again reel in the burgeoning power of big media.

It's time for folks of all political persuasions to notify their congressional delegation to support S.J. Res. 28. Read more about the hazards of media consolidation as compiled by the good people at
Common Cause!

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