May 9, 2008

The Fox joins forces with The Rush

It’s a step up for Rushmore Radio’s Fox 100.3 to affiliate with the new regional hockey team, the Rapid City Rush. Public announcement of the broadcast arrangement was made this week. We’ll likely be hearing more about The Rush in coming weeks. Perhaps we’ll also be reading more about it on the “Classic Rock 100.3” web site – a site now populated with little more than scantily clad damsels (what they call their “Babes of the Day.”)

We hadn’t seen hockey until we moved to Hershey, Pennsylvania in 2001 and happily enjoyed watching the Hershey Bears play. We hope The Rush will bring the same kind of excitement to the Black Hills region, and we’ll be visiting the Rush web site from time to time.

Affiliation with The Rush should add a bit of class to The Fox. Their web site could sure use it.

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