October 3, 2008

The blame game

For the past many weeks, the media has been focused on the financial crisis that caused a flurry of activity in Wall Street boardrooms and the halls of Congress.

Big banks and financial institutions, fast on the heels of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco, have scurried to protect themselves, their Board members, their stockholders, and ostensibly their customers, from the consequences of a whole range of bad policies and practices.

Mostly, there’s been a huge blame game going on, especially in the United States Congress, which is wont to blame everyone of every persuasion – except themselves. Just who caused this financial mess?

Good friend Linda Vaught has shared with us a web site that does a remarkable job of sorting out the facts from a heap of rhetoric spewed out by politicians. It’s at FactCheck.org, an Annenberg project at the University of Pennsylvania.

It should be required reading for every politician.....and candidate.

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