January 31, 2011

Lucky to be an American

Every so often, we happen across a news item or video that captures our attention.

Such was the case earlier today when good Nebraska friend Con Marshall sent us a video link by Baxter Black.

He may not be very well know in urban settings, but Baxter Black is something of a household word across rural America. He's been sharing his insight and down-home common sense for several decades now, and we first became acquainted with his work while living in Oklahoma and working for public radio. Baxter Black had earned a regular spot on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition," which was trying to find an audience, just as "All Things Considered" had done many years earlier.

A native of the southwest, Baxter is usually identified as a "cowboy, poet, philosopher, and former large animal veterinarian."

We like what he has to say in this produced video -- and it's vintage Baxter Black. Left or right. Conservative or liberal. Baxter's words should be an inspiration for all. Enjoy.

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