October 24, 2017

.......Time's a-wastin'!

When my wife and I retired some years ago, I turned much of my attention to my interest in photography and history.  I then landed upon the notion of merging those activities into creating and maintaining a variety of websites for nonprofit organizations.  And a few websites for my own, sometimes peculiar, interests!

Other abiding hobbies – particularly genealogy – have taken a back seat.  As I gaze into the mirror and see this aging guy staring back at me, I've come to realize that it's time to move along and focus on family history.  Father time will not wait.

While immersing myself in websites has been fun – it was destined to make me lose ground on something that now seems more important:  sharing with our families a bit of what my wife and I have learned and what we remember about our Galey and Miller parents, their parents, and the generations before.

Of course, the irony to all of this is.........family history is never done.  It'll never be "finished"!   But I now feel an urgency to pull together all of my past research and assemble it in a way that our children, grandchildren – and even our soon-to-be-born great-grandson – can make some sense of it.

So......all of this to say that this website has "Gone Fishing."  There'll be no new material from this date forward.  However, existing stories and images will remain – so long as the good folks at Google may allow.  The site is indexed, so if you're looking for something specific, you might start there.  Linked photo galleries will also remain intact.

It's been fun.  Thank You to the many folks who've contributed stories and photos....and those of you who have stopped by the site for a visit!

Larry Miller

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